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Happy 5th


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ProVia celebrates its fifth
birthday in 2021

Launched in 2016 to instant acclaim, it filled a niche in the commercial vehicles aftermarket, delivering no-frills value for money with the peace of mind previously only available from premium brands.

A lot has happened since 2016: ProVia has expanded rapidly, both in terms of its distributor network and also the number of parts it offers.

WABCO created ProVia
as a trustworthy alternative

to the deluge of cheap aftermarket parts that have flooded the commercial vehicles sector.
It is a low-cost brand with no safety compromises. It meets the highest manufacturing and
quality standards.

Dependable. Economical. ProVia.

This combination was exactly what the market desired, and the growth of ProVia has been rapid. Within three years, the millionth ProVia component had been sold, and we doubled that landmark this year.

The initial offering of 40 parts across 4 product lines has constantly increased, with the range now including over 300 parts across 30 of the most popular CV product lines, covering 2,700 OEM x-references. The brand is now available in more than 65 countries from over 720 distributors with new outlets coming on-stream every month.

ProVia, however, is about more than just inexpensive, ultra-reliable parts. Backed by WABCO’s global network it can offer levels of service usually associated with premium brands. Access to the range has been simplified via the ProVia App, now available in 9 languages.

Five years into its story, ProVia
has already become a mainstay of
the commercial vehicles aftermarket.

Thanks to the trust placed in it by customers, the business continues to expand, with more parts and product lines being offered every year. For no-frills, no-nonsense aftermarket parts with no compromises on safety, ProVia is the brand on which to rely.

ProVia is the no-frills aftermarket brand, engineered by WABCO to provide reliable performance with no compromises on quality or safety. The product range includes all major pneumatic braking replacement parts for the commercial vehicles of leading OEMs. The range is available in more than 65 countries, from a network of over 720 distributors and offers more than 300 parts across 30 product lines, providing more than 3000 OEM cross-references.

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