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Meet our latest ecological option, for Driveline Controls, with ProVia’s nameplate.

The Pneumatic Clutch Actuator is a part used in commercial vehicles with automated manual transmission units.

Its function is to apply the clutch automatically which effectively eliminates any jolting or surges and consequently allows for smooth clutch operation when pulling away, stopping and gear changing.

ProVia’s Pneumatic Clutch Actuator features a thermal operating range from -30°C up to 90°C.

What’s more our PCA has a low leakage rates, for reliable product performance and consistent quality.

The rate of leakage is the same as in an OEM product! Our new product combined with appropriate connection is fully water-resistant unit according to IP67.

The maximum pressure which can be used in our unit is 10 bar.


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ProVia is the no-frills aftermarket brand, engineered by WABCO to provide reliable performance with no compromises on quality or safety. The product range includes all major pneumatic braking replacement parts for the commercial vehicles of leading OEMs. The range is available in more than 65 countries, from a network of over 720 distributors and offers more than 300 parts across 30 product lines, providing more than 3000 OEM cross-references.

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