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ProVia number Technology Filter Operating pressure Port
PRO1247022 Coalescing Water, Oil ≤14 bar G 1 ¼ right-hand thread
PRO1247032 Coalescing Water, Oil ≤14 bar M 39 x 1,5 left-hand thread
PRO1247042 Coalescing Water, Oil ≤14 bar M 41 x 1,5 right-hand thread
PRO1247052 Coalescing Water, Oil ≤14 bar M 41 x 2 right-hand thread


Inside the pneumatic system, the air dryer cartridge is an important, safety-related component. Installed between the compressor and reservoirs a high quality cartridge is an essential element protecting a vehicles air system.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding performance in the budget catridge market thanks to high quality moisture absorbing material
  • ProVia is able to serve multiple OEM cross references in different vehicle applications
  • ProVia cartridges specifically adapted to all long distance vehicle applications
  • Recommended mainly for long distance operation without excessive stop-and-go, braking, etc.
  • Different cartridges based on water/oil seperation, drying performance and thread size
  • Cartridges prevent humid air entering into the system protecting it from corrosion and freezing