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Electrically Controlled Air Dryers are installed between the air compressor and the reservoir on commercial trucks and buses. They are designed to filter out humid air and other contaminants before they can reach the vehicle’s downstream pneumatic systems.

Our new range includes one variant that is perfectly suited to 17 different OE applications! The product has a very high resistance to corrosion thanks to the protection of the surface. Additionally, we offer a full device with installed ProVia cartridge. Do you need a suitable heater for your device? No problem! We also offer a dedicated variant PRO4009202 for you.

Are you interested in purchasing this product? Our aftermarket experts are ready to support! Simply message us on Facebook, give us a call or stop by one of our 720 distributors that you can find through Find ProVia.

ProVia part number Brand OE Part Number
DAF 882965
DAF 883259
PACCAR 883259
SCANIA 1932701
VDL 30157175
VOLVO 20873849
VOLVO 20700794
VOLVO 20466522
VOLVO 20884103
VOLVO 21398254
VOLVO 21480094
VOLVO 21620172
DAF 905341
PACCAR 905341
VOLVO 21480092
VOLVO 21620170