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The ProVia product range have been just increased with the new product. The Proportional Relay Valve consists of proportional solenoid valve, relay valve and pressure sensor. It is used in commercial vehicle electropneumatic braking systems as a setting element to regulate braking pressures.

Our new range includes 4 different for many different OE application. The product has a very high resistance to corrosion thanks to the protection of the surface proven in the 96 h Neutral Salt Spray Test.

Check out all the variants that perfectly complete your existing range of ProVia electronic brake components.

Part name Output pressure Max pressure OEM application
PRO6431010 10 bar 13 bar multiple OEM
PRO6431020 10 bar 13 bar multiple OEM
PRO6431030 10 bar 13 bar DAIMLER
PRO6431040 10 bar 13 bar DAIMLER