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Maintaining your air brake system is vital to the longevity, dependability, and performance of your vehicle, not to mention it reduces the risk of failure and downtime, lowering cost.
Trucks with newer emission controls and automated manual transmissions contain air actuated solenoid valves, which are more sensitive to contamination than traditional brake valves. Installed between the compressor and air reservoirs a cartridge is the first line of defense protecting a vehicles air system.

Therefore we recommend to protect your vehicle by choosing the new ProVia coalescing cartridge „PLUS“. It is going to be a perfect solution, when searching for an economical and dependable spare parts.

Make an economical investment and protect your vehicle

  • Water in the system can cause serious damage resulting in expensive repairs
  • Standard cartridges work to remove moisture and larger particles
  • ProVia “PLUS” cartridge with coalescing technology is designed to remove oil aerosols from the air system more efficiently
  • ProVia “PLUS” coalescing cartridge features a filtering system, catching even the smallest impurities
  • Recommended mainly long distance operation without much stop-and-go, braking, etc.


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