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Wide range, improved driving comfort – ProVia launched the next product to its portfolio. Now ProVia offers 18 new variants of shock absorbers – be ready for another 30 variants in Q2 2023!

Shock Absorbers reduce vibrations caused by uneven roads and enable the wheel to follow the road’s unevenness. These products ensure an optimal characteristic curve due to multi-stage piston and bottom valve technology and additionally contribute to reducing the braking distance.

Developed by aftermarket specialists since 2016, ProVia parts are specifically engineered to provide reliable performance and are manufactured to precise standards, with no frills yet no compromise on quality or safety. It offers more than 300 parts across 30 product lines, providing more than 3000 OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cross-references. It is an economical brand in which you can place absolute trust.

ProVia shock absorbers have an ideal price-quality ratio, offering a reliable choice between premium and lower end quality level, and they are easy to match with other supplier or vehicle manufacturer references.

ProVia number Type Actuation Ports
PRO 036 001 0 3/2 Turn 1, 2: M12×1.5; 3: exhaust
PRO 036 002 0 3/2 Push 1, 2: M10×1 (JED-388-1); 3: exhaust
PRO 037 001 0 4/3 Turn 1, 21, 22: M12×1.5; 3: M10×1