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Change the air flow with our long-life durability solution!

We would like to meet your expectations and offer another addition to our extensive portfolio of components for conventional brake control. This time we present the Directional Control Valve, thanks to which the process of changing the air flow is very easy and without affecting the pressure level or flow rate in the system. This economical solution supports vehicles secondary functions such as lifts, cranes, or doors.

Our new range includes 3 universal variants which cover many OEM applications. The products have 11 bars of the working pressure. And they can work with the wide range of operating temperatures, from -25 up to 80° C!

ProVia number Type Actuation Ports
PRO 036 001 0 3/2 Turn 1, 2: M12×1.5; 3: exhaust
PRO 036 002 0 3/2 Push 1, 2: M10×1 (JED-388-1); 3: exhaust
PRO 037 001 0 4/3 Turn 1, 21, 22: M12×1.5; 3: M10×1